Friday, December 16, 2011

Applied Sociology

The science that studies social relationship, social interaction, social process and changes of society is sociology. The term sociology is derived from Latin word 'Socius'/'Societus' which means society and the Greek word 'Logos' which means science or study. Thus the etymological meaning of sociology is science of society or study of society. Simply sociology is the scientific study of human's social behaviour in groups and societies.

The term sociology was first used by French Philosopher Auguste Comte at about 1839 in his famous book 'Positive Philosophy'. First of all he used the term "Social Physics" in spite of sociology and later on he coined the term sociology and defines its scope and methods. So, he is called the father of sociology. Similarly, Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber contributed a lot to promote sociology. So they are known 'four founding father' of sociology.

As a social science, sociology always concentrates on the study of social behaviour in groups, social action, social interaction, social relationship, social process and change of society. It studies the ethnic, linguist, gender, cultural, religious, economic and political diversity of society. It attempts to explain the origin, development and change of social institution, social organizations, social structure, social norms and values and their function. The main concern of sociology is to describe ,explain and predict social stability as well as social change or social reality.

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  1. Sociology is such a wonderful and interesting subject. I really think people have neglected this subject. Its importance should be revived !